Galactic Conquerors

Story behind Galactic Conquerors

The star systems are at war. The humanity has discovered a long lost artificial intelligence, created by one of the galaxy’s oldest races, the savage looking Gramos who stop at nothing in order to destroy the remains of the artificial intelligence that was both their greatest creation and mistake. Not only are the two races starting a conflict, but the Hybrids, a beast-like race created by the AI and later freed from its control, seek their creator to unlock their true potential. With the 3 races at war the diplomatic race and founder of the galactic council, Nyads, try to bring peace to the star systems, with force if necessary.


Galactic Conquerors will bring a game to the turn based strategy players that want to have more fun and solid gameplay. In Galactic Conquerors you will experience the traditional TBS systems with new and refreshing way to play the games.

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